A note from the author:

After spending several seasons covering the competitive skating circuit for ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBC, I knew one thing for sure: everyone in the ice skating world has at least one - maybe more - good reasons to want to kill everyone else. I knew that skating fans would love to read about all the behind-the-scenes goings-on so I wrote my five skating mysteries. But, I also knew that if I ever wanted to work again, writing a non-fiction tell-all was not the way to go.

So instead of a tell-all, I wrote the coffee table book, Inside Figure Skating, which did so well it went into a second printing! I also wrote a biography of Sarah Hughes, Skating To the Stars, two months before she unexpectedly won the Gold medal in Ladies' Figure Skating in Salt Lake City in 2002!

However, I still had more stories to tell. Not exactly on the record - but not completely off it, either. Which is why at the beginning of every skating mystery, I say, "All characters are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead." That is my official story and I'm sticking to it!

When talking about my romance novels, my husband says, "Alina doesn't believe in third parties or scheming villains to keep her couples apart.  She thinks people can screw up their own relationships all by themselves!”  My romance novel heroes and heroines are complicated, conflicted, imperfect and often their own worst enemies.  I don't make anything easy for them.  They may get their Happily Ever After, but I make them earn it!

Thanks for reading!
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From left to right: Robin Cousins, Dick Button and Alina
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